3 Major Tips to Have Multiple Orgasms

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  1. Maintain Connection with Your Partner

After the first orgasm, you might need a break to recover before you build the arousal again. One thing that enables experienced companions to provide more sensual pleasure is staying connected with their partners emotionally and physically during the break from intense stimulation. For instance, your partner can cup a hand over the vulva to let you enjoy the pressure and warm feeling as you relax.

2. Keep Breathing

You may feel overwhelmed and even shut down due to pleasure. In that case, take deep breaths to relax the body and expand the amount of the pleasure you feel. When you breathe, you enhance oxygen supply to the bloodstream. This enhances the effectiveness of the nervous system thereby expanding the amount of pleasure you process in your brain.

3. Listen to Your Body

Can you have several orgasms in a row? It’s only you who can answer this question. An experienced milf escorts in las vegas can have several orgasms at ago. However, you will get to a point where you will feel totally saturated and satiated with pleasure.

Each sex experience is different. There are days you will have two or three orgasms while others you will have up to seven orgasms. Nevertheless, you will have a better sex life if you follow these expert tips to have multiple orgasms.

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